Your Connection Between Heaven and Earth

If you were led to my page it is not by accident.  Everything is a vibration and you attract what is in vibrational resonance with your self.  Take the opportunity to experience what the spirit world has to offer without judgment. Allow the love energy from your guides and angels along with the healing powers of the sacred land of Sedona to heal and engulf you.

I was blessed at a very young age with the natural gift of being clairaudiant,  clairesentient and an intuitive empath.  This gift allows me to connect with the heavenly realms.  I work very closely with Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Micheal. It was not until my later years in life that I fully embraced and nurtured  these gifts and allowed them to blossom.  


Since 2008 I have been working as a Soul Coach, Intuitive Reader, Healer and Shamanic guide. As an experienced and esteemed visionary and healer, I provide useful information bringing awareness and healing through love and inspiration to help you make impactful life changes.  I am a firm believer, we create our own reality. It is my focus to teach you how to open to your greatest spiritual potential.   I strive to make every session an experience dedicated to helping you gain more personal insight into your emotional, mental and spiritual state of well being.


What Is a Intuitive Card Reading and Why Would I Want One?

Allow The Angels To Be Your Guides

Intuitive card readings offer INSIGHT, CLARITY, GUIDANCE, CREATIVE APPROACHES, and a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING to life's challenges preparing you for what's ahead.   My readings reveal powerful ways to enrich and heal your life.  You have the free will to alter your life’s direction, depending on the outcome you want.  The readings can be used as a  divination tool for DREAM ANALYSIS, understanding the most important messages your dreams are trying to tell you. 

My intuitive readings are a prescription, not a prediction, leaving you empowered to make important life choices. Take the opportunity to experience what the spirit world has to offer without judgment. Allow the love energy of the universe to engulf you. The answers will come, if you let them.

Readings are done remote by telephone, Skype or FaceTime from the comfort of your own sacred space.


Joanne S.

Lisa is a person with an intimate relationship with nature and beyond, which allows her to perceive energies that may be intangible to others.


My husband and I have experienced Lisa as a retreat facilitator in Sedona, Arizona. To begin with, the place goes beyond magical, the retreat is structured like a good term paper for an advanced class in college. There is an introduction a body and a conclusion, each with is own function to entice you to further dig within, into the depths of your psyche, that will push, and pull you to create well written paragraphs from the embodiment of your soul.

Jessica T.

I get so much healing from lisa's readings and a whole new outlook on what to focus on. I just want to share her healing with everyone.

Alicia M.

Lisa demonstrates, with her accurate descriptions she makes when she is doing an Angel Card Reading, the coherent communication she has with the master beings we identify as Angels. The reading includes guidance to create balance or resolutions to challenges.

Gordon L.M.

Lisa helps you be a loving, abundant, harmonious person. She will help you find great fulfillment, tells the truth about yourself as her intuition is right on. She can help you with your heart to be a reliable guide so that you can experience empathy, compassion, and love. She can help you with your sacred visions, has the eyes to help you get in touch with your soul and heart.

Melanie L.

Lisa is a fantastic coach and consultant. I have found her readings to be clear, consistent and exact. She applies her intuition and keen sense of knowledge to find the answers to each client's questions.


Specializing in all aspects of emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

Intuitive Reading

These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible. Don’t leave it to chance, get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, and so much more. Intuitive readings are also a great divination tool for dream analysis understanding the important messages your dreams are trying to tell you.

A prescription for your life, not a prediction leaving you feeling empowered to make important life choices.


Chakra Healing

and Balancing

Long Distance Healing is a technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. Chakra healing deals with the problem at its deepest level to reduce stress, anxiety and other ailments as well as balance the seven chakras and auric field. I work with your spirit guides and higher self to align and tune into your energy frequency.  Each session is tailored specifically towards the need of the client.

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Treat yourself to one of our scenic adventures or healing journeys designed to heighten one's physical, emotional and spiritual connectivity. Every adventure or journey is different depending on your desired outcome.  If you are in the Sedona area and searching for a one of a kind starry night UFO adventure or a healing experience on sacred land, look no further.  Get ready to begin your journey of inspiration and discovery.   

Allow the angels to be your guides!

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Specializing in all aspects of emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

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